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Summer Kids Camp ("Camp Sew Fun!")


Our first campers are now in their 30’s. Sewing skills yet “another tool in their toolbox”.

2019 choices are several days, one week or even one day in length. The longer classes allow students to better develop sewing skills and enjoy a “camp” experience. Classes are geared to appeal to kids and provide them with skills to enjoy and to build on. Our motto is, “skills, safety and fun!”

                 We offer an outstanding selection of classes for youths ages six through the teens. We supply machines and basic sewing supplies.              Class kit fee eliminates the need to purchase materials or notions separately. Sewing levels are important for students to get the greatest benefit from classes.

 EASY:   Beginning stitchers. Age doesn’t matter. If your sewing experience Is limited, the EASY class will age appropriately introduce machine/sewing concepts. Goals include safety, machine handling and sewing confidence.

INTERMEDIATES: have some familiarity with sewing machines and have successfully finished basic sewing projects. Because they will be given new skills to work on each time, INTERMEDIATES are encouraged to take favorite classes a second or third time.

Class Registration Procedures:

First day of class registration is March 20, 2018. Registration can be done by telephone with credit card, by mail with a check made out to Ann Silva’s Sewing Center,or in person.

Registration information for mailing: your name, address, phone numbers, and for each class: class number, title, section, date, class fee.

Include check for full amount of class plus tax or complete credit card information. (Note: You may print out the registration form from our web site and, either mail or bring it in.)

Kit fees are extra and must be paid to the instructor at the beginning of the class. Supply sheets will be given out as you enroll. These sheets are a reminder of your child’s class dates, times and kit fee to bring first day of class.


We must make a commitment to our teachers one week prior to the start of each class and so refunds will only be made for cancellations ONE WEEK or more ahead of class starting date.

If a class is canceled due to insufficient enrollment, enrollees will receive a refund.


Pets may not accompany the student to classes.


Camp Sew Fun Machine Points Program

Each day in session will earn the child 5 points.
5 machine points equals $5 - 25 machine points equals $25.

Machine points are redeemed when you purchase an Ann Silva’s sale priced sewing machine. Starts when you enroll your child. Ends with your machine purchase or September 30, 2018.

Can I accumulate points for multiple family members? Yes.
Do you sell a $99 sewing machine with a free mastery class? Yes.

Can I view Camp Sew Fun class schedule online? Yes. Download mastery pages, shop our suppliers.

If a student enrolls for 3 5-day classes, would they earn 75 points or $75 towards any machine, even the $99 sewing machine? Yes!





  • 505-881-5253
  • 4520 Alexander Blvd. NE
  • Albuquerque, NM 87107