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Formally Ann Silva's Sewing Center

About Us
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5810 4th Street NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107

Tuesday - Saturday 10am-4pm 

About Us

Please read the many articles under the about us / history page

 We also feature:
  • A complete selection of Isacord thread.

  • Factory trained technicians that can service all makes and models of sewing machines and sergers.

  • Professional Knife and Scissor Sharpening

Mission Statement

To inspire creativity, innovation and expression of ideas through sewing. We establish successful, long term relationships with our customers through the products and services we provide. ®

Guiding Operating Principles - Our Beliefs and Values

  • To help us focus on our mission and achieve our vision, we need principles by which we operate our business. Operating principles define our business ethic in dealing with our customers, each other and our suppliers. ASBSC has adopted ten operating principles because we believe they reflect who we are as a business, our beliefs, and how we operate as a team to provide quality service and products to our customers.

  • The principles focus on the customer and ourselves and they emphasize the goals of responsiveness, quality, and accountability.

  • CUSTOMER FOCUS: Customer requirements drive our performance. Everything we do begins with the idea of adding to the customer's satisfaction through superior service, better products, greater effectiveness and efficiency, all at a competitive cost.

  • INTEGRITY: We demonstrate the highest ethics in all business dealings with customers, fellow employees, vendors and competitors We do not criticize our competitors, our teammates or our suppliers.

  • EMPOWERING EMPLOYEES: We value the delegation of decision-making authority to the level consistent with the decision at hand, thereby empowering the staff to be responsive.

  • "CAN-DO" ATTITUDE: We have zero tolerance for negativism in the workplace. ASBSC has no tolerance for unpleasant people as employees and we avoid them as customers. While we can put up with a lot in the short term, suffering unpleasant people isn't worth the cost in the long haul. We value all with a positive "Can Do" attitude.

  • SYNERGY: We value the differences between customers and employees and use these differences to our advantage by encouraging cooperation and promoting partnerships between employees and customers. Results from good people working together are much greater than the sum of their individual efforts. Internal competition is debilitating. Cooperate - it's critical.

  • EXCELLENCE AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: In all that we do, we try to perform at our peak to be the very best. Quality work is fundamental to our reputation and long term success. "Doing it right" the first time reduces problems and stress so we practice grief avoidance. Attempting to maintain the status quo is fatal. We continuously seek to improve on our performance.

  • PRIDE: Our work exemplifies the fact that we take pride in ourselves, our team, our place and our products. We go the "extra mile" and work harder to make a better environment for our customers and ourselves.

  • PROFESSIONALISM: We work hard to be informed and have confidence in our efforts. Our products and equipment reflect our capability to do the job right and our willingness to be responsible for our work.

  • WILLINGNESS TO LISTEN: We do not jump to conclusions but listen to what another person is saying. We seek first to understand rather than to be understood.

  • PROFESSIONAL & PERSONAL GROWTH: We ensure the opportunity for challenging work in an environment that encourages and rewards, creativity, productivity, and skills development. We efficiently manage the resources entrusted to us, growing the company and ourselves, and thereby generating more opportunities for all. Having fun and being able to laugh at ourselves are an integral part of what we do. Everyone contributes and everyone should assume they are responsible. 




  • 505-881-5253
  • 5810 4th Street NW
  • Albuquerque, NM 87107