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Repair Center   As of 05/07/20 we have instituted a scheduling request form.
Due to the extremely high demand of sewing machine repair requests we are SCHEDULING all sewing machine repairs. Please submit the form below and WE WILL CALL YOU TO SCHEDULE YOUR DROP OFF. PLEASE DO NOT JUST DROP OFF YOUR MACHINE without us scheduling you in. Thank you for your patience.
We repair all makes of sewing machines and vacuums.

Repair Request

Please fill out the form below. Please bring only the items listed and check the corresponding box. Please do not bring any additional accessories other than what is listed. By filling out this form you authorize us do the minimum service of $97.50. If parts or other services are required we will call you to get further approval before we do any work. We are not doing any quick fixes or "just look at __?___?" services. We are doing complete clean, oil and adjust with 90 day warranty. After form is complete and submitted we will call you back to schedule your drop off date. Please do not bring in your machine until you are scheduled.


Service information below: 

Sewing Machine Repair: We service all sewing machines.

This includes:

  • Checking tensions & timing.
  • Checking feed dogs, balance, needle positions.
  • Checking bushings, belts, pulleys, gears, motors.
  • Fine-tuning all adjustments, cleaning, and oiling your machine.

*All work is guaranteed for 90 days. We can usually have your machine back to you in 3-7 days. 

Sewing Machine Tune-Up

Maybe it’s not broken, but you have not used your machine for a while-we offer a cleaning, oiling and tune up on all sewing machines priced from $97.50 to  $150.00 depending on the machine you need maintained. When your machine comes home it will be as good as new and ready for your next project.

Pricing: as of January 1st, 2022

Sewing Machine Service for All Brands Sewing machines $97.50

Additional Services:

Embroidery Module~no additional charge
Sergers ~$97.50

Walking Foot~$10.00

Basting Device~$30.00

Bernina 950 Commercial Machine Service~$97.50

Quilting Machines Handi Quilter/BabyLock/Bernina~$125.00

BMP/Brother Multi Needle Embroidery Machines~$200.00

Serger Repair

We repair and service all makes and models of Sergers. Your Serger should provide you with professional edges with little effort compared to traditional sewing, and you should be able to use your overlock/Serger sewing machines for adding decorative trims, making rolled hems and sewing elastic. Your tensions need to be set properly to provide the best stitch you can make.

Bring your Serger in for a tune-up or repair.

Some Common Serger Repair Services may include:

  • Balance the stitches
  • Adjust tensions
  • Adjust Serger timing
  • Needle bar timing
  • Needle systems
  • Proper looper installation and timing
  • Thread breaking fixes
  • Lubricate
  • Knife installation, sharpening, and adjustment

Vacuum Repair

We are an authorized Mieler Vacuum warranty service repair location. Our factory trained service technicians can trouble shoot and fix your vacuum. Vacuum repair includes routine maintenance. Vacuums are tested for proper suction and performance. Belts, motors, and hoses are checked.

Vacuum Service for bagged ~ $59.00
Vacuum Service for bagless ~ $69.00
Service Power Head ~ $20.00

Labor intensive repairs may require additional $20 charge

We Service all brands of Vacuums

Our mechanics are doing their best to give you both quality and speed of service.

Contrary to other sewing and repair centers, our employees and mechanics do not work on commission.  They are salaried employees who use our "Mission Statement" and our "Guiding Principles" as their standards to achieve quality service.




  • 505-881-5253
  • 4520 Alexander Blvd. NE
  • Albuquerque, NM 87107